Sunday, 19 March 2017

My Top 5 Liquid Lipsticks

As you'll know if you follow my Instagram, I am always wearing liquid lipsticks. Something about the formulas and the colours draws me to them more than regular lipsticks so I have built up quite the collection. So, I thought I would post about my top 5 brands to buy liquid lipsticks from. I don't have specific lip swatches to post, but I will link to makeup looks I have done with the shades as all the shades have been featured on my Instagram at one point or another! 
Number 1 
Brand: Dose of Colors
Shades I own: Bare With Me, Truffle
My absolute favourite liquid lipsticks are the Dose of Colors ones. Bare With Me is honestly my favourite lip shade of all time. It's a soft pink shade that just suits so many skin tones and is a perfect everyday shade. You can get these from Beauty Bay (usually) but for some reason they are not online at the moment, and the Dose of Colors site for around £14/$18! I rarely show Bare With Me on my Insta because I am so scared it will run out and I won't be able to repurchase! I actually last wore it on my Insta back in May 2016, but I would wear it everyday if I could! Truffle is a beautiful brown toned nude that is perfect for that 90s look. I like that it's not too brown as that doesn't really suit my skin tone, and I've never found another liquid lipstick shade quite like it. Here's a swatch of it on my Instagram. The formula is super matte, but is the least drying I've found. It also smells of vanilla which is so delicious. 

Number 2
Brand: Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Shades I own: Androgyny, Mannequin
I know there is often a lot of controversy surrounding this brand, but these liquid lipsticks are honestly incredible. They feel so lightweight on the lips (Mannequin especially just feels like water!), dry really matte and feel very comfortable to wear. You can buy these on Beauty Bay or Beautylish for around £16. Androgyny is a gorgeous deep warm toned purpley shade, although I feel that it looks very different on different skin tones. I actually bought this because it looked so gorgeous on Jaclyn Hill, but I do think it looks very different on me (see this Insta). Mannequin is probably my second favourite lip shade ever after the Dose of Colors one. It's my perfect nude shade. I feel like it suits pretty much every makeup look I do, and is probably my most featured shade on my Instagram - see here, here and here

Number 3
Brand: Jouer 
Shades I own: Melon, Petale de Rose
The Jouer liquid lipsticks have definitely done the rounds on Instagram, and I have to say I was pretty late to the game. I got these two shades in a set for Christmas (from Cult Beauty), and I'm already dying to try new colours! Melon has become my everyday shade - the perfect mixture of pink and nude that works when I'm super pale and when I'm tanned. You can see it on me here. I haven't got round to doing a look with Petale de Rose yet, but it's a beautiful strong deep pink - I'm sure you've all gathered I gravitate more towards nudes by this point! The formula of these is incredible, almost mousse like in texture and dries super matte. I would say it's slightly less long lasting than the first two I've mentioned and it does wear off after eating more noticeably. However, they are super comfortable to wear and all the shades Jouer do are beautiful and look like they'd be flattering on everyone. I have my eye on the Skinny Dip lip topper from them next!

Number 4
Brand: Girlactik
Shades I own: Posh, Bashful, Blossom, Rustik, Sweet
I have had the pleasure of working with Girlactik this year, and I have to say I've completely fallen in love with their liquid lipsticks. They are harder for us UK girls to get their hands on, but if you are in the States, stock up! They also do offer international shipping on their website. I have to say, after lusting over them on Instagram for so long, I was certainly not disappointed. My favourite shades have to be Bashful - the most beautiful neutral nude (not too brown, not too pink), and Sweet - a gorgeous muted pink. You can see my lip swatch video here, and a look wearing Rustik here. The formula is lovely, and smells like cupcakes so it gets a thumbs up from me! 

Number 5
Brand: Lipland
Shades I own: Rezy (from the Amrezy collaboration)
Lipland is a bit less well known than the other brands I've mentioned but I thought I'd give them recognition for their gorgeous liquid lipsticks. I first heard of the brand when Amrezy collaborated with them, and again, they're harder for us UK girls to get hold of, so I struck lucky when I was in the US last year and picked up Rezy. Side note: I got mine from Ricky's NYC, an amazing makeup shop that stocks lots of online/Instagram brands. You can also get international shipping on their site. The shade is a beautiful peachy pink, absolutely perfect for summer. You can see me wearing this here. I would say the formula is slightly thinner and more mousse-like than all the other brands, and not quite as strongly pigmented. However, building up the colour is fine, and once you get the finished look, it has fantastic lasting power. 

So, that is my round up of my favourite liquid lipsticks! Let me know your favourite brands in the comments below - I'm always on the lookout for new brands to try. 

Sunday, 12 March 2017

ABH x Nicole Glow Kit vs MUFE Star Lit Powder in 13

Highlighters are definitely having a moment in the makeup industry and the moment, and I am all for it. I am obsessed with a glowing complexion so I definitely get sucked into trying any new glow-givers on the market. After I got Champagne Pop at the end of 2015, I never thought I'd need another highlighter again, but here I am! 
After Jaclyn Hill mentioned how incredible the new Makeup Forever Star Lit powder in 13 was as a highlighter, I went on a mission to find it. You can get it in Debenhams online (although it's currently sold out) and at the counters in Manchester and London for £14, and from Sephora online for $21. It's basically a loose pigment and the colour is so glowing and shimmery. I have to admit, it can come across a tiny bit glittery (as it's a pigment, and not a specific highlighter), but not to the extent where I dislike it. I've swatched it on my Instagram in a video, but you can see the swatch below:

As you can see, it is so strongly pigmented (I do find loose powders have stronger pigmentation) and it really does come up that strongly on my skin. You can see it on a makeup look here
Secondly, I also recently got the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. I have been a fan of Nicole for years, and the palette was so so beautiful, I couldn't resist. The kit has 6 shades for £39 from the ABH UK site and $40 from Sephora. I love the variety of shades, and I've found I can use all of them in one way or another! I think my fave shade is Forever Lit (top row, middle shade). You can see swatches of the whole palette below:

As with all ABH palettes, the pigmentation and quality of the highlighters certainly don't disappoint, and I've also been loving spritzing my brush with Fix+ to get stronger pigmentation. I will be posting a look using loads of the shades from the palette on my Instagram this week. I feel like every single shade is wearable for pretty much everyone (either as a highlighter or an eyeshadow) so it's a really great versatile palette.
So which one would I pick? I would personally go for the ABH x Nicole palette. Firstly, you get 6 shades for the price of 2 MUFE powders (although if you just want one highlighter, go for the MUFE one - I just like to have lots of choice!). Secondly, as the MUFE one is a loose pigment, it can get very messy and I do find I'm wasting product because I pour too much out and can't put it back in the container. The MUFE one only contains 1g of product whereas the ABH ones are 4.5g per highlighter so I personally find that to be better value for money. You can also use Fix+ as I mentioned earlier to get a stronger pigmentation with the ABH ones. As a makeup junkie, I love and use both of the options, but I can see why the average person would only want to invest in one! So I hope this has been somewhat helpful. 
Let me know your favourite highlighters - as you can imagine I'm always on the lookout for new ones to try! 

Sunday, 15 January 2017

MICROBLADING | My Experience and Before & After!

So last week, I finally got my brows microbladed. I thought I'd do a little round up post of what microblading is, what my experience was, and include my before and afters!
What is it?
Microblading is essentially a type of semi permanent makeup - not a tattoo! Pigments are used rather than ink, and does not go as deep into the dermis of your skin. With microblading, a hand held pen is used, rather than a motorised tattoo device. You can expect microbladed brows to last 1-2 years. This will depend on your skin type (drier skin will cling to the pigment better and therefore will last longer) and how well you look after them. A tiny blade is used to create hair-like strokes in your brow, to create the illusion of fullness and give them more shape. Prices for the treatment varies, but I'd say the average is £200-£250. 

My experience
Firstly, my beautician pencilled in my brow shape with a removable pencil, so we could both see where the microblading was going to go, and how my brows would look. This way, I could easily ask to change things and get the shape exactly how I wanted it. This is customised for each client, and it is measured precisely to make sure they are as symmetrical as possible. 
Once I was happy with my shape, we picked the best ink colour for my brows to match my existing brow hair. Then, she began to actually microblade. I did have numbing cream on before this began, but you can definitely still feel it. Whilst I wouldn't describe it as painful, it's definitely a little uncomfortable and it does sting a little bit after a while. I have a pretty low pain threshold though, and so if I can manage it, I'd say most people could too! The actual microblading took around 45 minutes for me. My brows weren't too sparse to begin with though, so it could take much longer if you have little to no hair. Once it was done, she put a liquid that acts as a 'liquid plaster' over the top and I was good to go!
As for aftercare, you have to wash your brows with a special shampoo every 2 hours on the first day and apply lots of aftercare cream. This will stop any blood drying and keep them clean so they don't scab over. The first night that you have them, you put plenty of cream on then apply some clingfilm over the brows (attractive, I know!) to protect them. After the first day, you no longer need to wash the brows, and you just apply the cream 4-5 times a day and overnight (clingfilm no longer needed!) for 5-7 days. Once that's done, they should be fully healed. 
One thing I should mention is that during this time, you can't really wear makeup on the brow area, to avoid irritation and hinder the healing process. For me, this has been especially hard haha! You should also avoid saunas, intense exercise, swimming etc.
The final step in the process is a touch up 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment. As I haven't had this yet, I can't share too much about it, but it's basically to ensure you're still happy with the shape and the colour etc and add any final touch ups. 

Before & After!

Hope you enjoyed this post, and it was useful if you're thinking about getting your brows microbladed! If you have any other questions, message me or leave a comment below. 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Pink Toned Spotlight Eye | MOTD

This pink toned spotlight eye has got a lot of love over on my Instagram recently, so I thought it was about time I did a breakdown of the look with products and a step by step! Let me know what you think of this look in the comments.

- I started with MAC Peachlite Strobe Cream as a base, then followed with Illamasqua Skin Base in 8 all over my skin. I'd forgotten just how stunning this foundation is! 
- I then used my Maybelline Age Rewind concealer to highlight under my eyes, forehead, centre of the nose and my chin, and the Fit Me concealer on any blemishes. 
- To set all that, I use Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder.
- To bronze, I used MAC Give Me Sun MSF (review) very lightly to warm up the skin, then used MAC Warm Soul Mineralize blush. 
- For highlight, I used Girlactik 'Lustre' Face Glow which is a stunning purple toned highlight (see my review here) and topped it with the purple shade from Sleek's Solstice palette (review here). I applied both of these on the tops of my cheekbones, down my nose and on my cupid's bow. 

- I first filled in my brows with Anastasia Dip Brow in Chocolate and MAC's brow pencil in Lingering.
- Then, I cleaned up underneath and primed my eyes with MAC Pro Longwear concealer in NW15.
- I started off with 'Red Ochre' from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette and buffed it all over my crease and lid (missing out the centre portion of the lid). Then, I deepened that with 'Love Letter' from the same palette. Blend this on the outer and inner part of the eye until you get the depth and colour you want.
- I then took Pink Champagne (also from ABH) and started packing that onto the centre of my lid. I found that this worked best with a wet brush (I just spray Fix+ onto my brush) as the sparkle in the eyeshadow really came out nicely with that. I then just blended my Red Ochre and Love Letter in so there were no harsh lines and just kept adding colour and blending until I was happy. 
- I followed the same pattern on my lower lash line - using the red tones on the inner and outer portion, then packing Pink Champagne into the centre. 
- I applied Benefit They're Real mascara onto top and bottom lashes, then added my House of Lashes 'Siren' lashes - these work especially well with spotlight eyeshadow looks as they're fuller in the centre. 
- To highlight, I used the same Girlactik and Sleek highlighters mentioned above on my tear duct and brow bone. 

- For lips, I just applied MAC Soar liner to outline the lips, then went in with Jeffree Star 'Mannequin' liquid lipstick (review) - I'd forgotten how stunning this colour is, and I always get questions whenever I wear it! 


Monday, 9 January 2017

How I Became a MUA | Tips + Advice!

I posted the picture above on New Year's Day as a little reflection on 2016 - the first image was taken December 2015, the second December 2016. I hadn't even realised how much my makeup skills had improved over the course of the year! In 2016, I also qualified as a Makeup Artist, and then went on to get a job with MAC - something I never would have imagined happening! I had a couple of requests to share more about how I became a MUA and some advice etc, so here's a comprehensive post all about my experience. I may also do a separate 'How to get a job at MAC' post if that's of interest too. 
How I got started
For me, makeup has been a love of mine since I left school at 16. I started off watching YouTube tutorials and reading blogs, and to this day, it's still something I favour over watching TV or Netflix. I think it's really important that you're sure this is for you before you pay for a course. Therefore, I recommend being self-taught to some level - there's so many amazing makeup channels out there, and honestly practice makes perfect! Another thing I've found really helpful is starting my makeup Instagram - this is something I've fully thrown myself into from the beginning of 2016, and I can't believe how much it has grown. Getting amazing comments and feeling really part of the makeup/beauty community has motivated me to keep going and keep trying out new looks and techniques. Getting featured by amazing brands also makes me strive to improve - if you'd like to see a post about growing your Instagram let me know too! Therefore, I'd highly recommend starting a makeup Instagram if you'd like to become a MUA - it's so interesting to see how much you improve. Doing this for a good few months made me sure that I wanted to become a qualified MUA and it wasn't just a phase.
Getting Qualified
The first thing I'd recommend when you're sure you want to get a qualification is to do your research. I never realised quite how many makeup courses were out there and all the different things they offer. First consider exactly what kind of makeup you want to do. For example, I didn't really want to do SFX makeup, so knew the courses including that weren't for me. There's so much out there from media, TV, SFX, face painting etc so pinpoint exactly what it is you want to learn. Then, I'd think about the following questions:
- How long do I want to do the course for? I wanted to get qualified ASAP, so I chose a 12 week course but there are courses that run for 1+ years.

- Is it a day or evening course?
- Do I want a recognised qualification or just a course with a MUA? For a job in the makeup industry, you really do need a recognised qualification from someone like VTCT. If you just want to learn some skills for your own makeup, or to top up after doing a recognised course, then I'd say to do a course with a MUA or studio. These aren't recognised in the industry, and could prevent you getting a job!
- How much do you want to pay?
I eventually chose a course with Chill Out Training Academy which was Level 2 in Makeup. Personally, if you feel you are quite strong with makeup, I'd go straight for Level 3, as I felt this was a bit too easy for me (but the course was shorter so I stayed with this one). Once I got this qualification, I had already got my job at MAC so I basically just started with that! Alongside this, I also do freelance makeup - for that it's all about advertising - use Instagram, Facebook etc and good old fashion business cards are great too. A lot of salons allow you to rent chairs to use for freelance makeup, so that way you have a base, rather than travelling to clients' houses etc. And with freelance, it is definitely a case of practice makes perfect - whilst you are studying, try and do as many makeups as you can, just to get practice on different face shapes, skin types and tones as the more experience you have the better! 

I hope this post is somewhat helpful if you're looking into becoming a MUA yourself! As I said, if you'd like a post about how I got my job at MAC, let me know (I thought the post would be way too long if I joined both of them together!). If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to email or DM me. 


Friday, 11 November 2016

Colourpop Ultra Matte + Satin Lips | REVIEW

When Colourpop had their 'free international shipping' offer a few weeks ago, I really couldn't turn down the chance to get my hands on some of their products. Having seen them raved about all over Youtube, I went for some of their most popular products: an Ultra Satin and Ultra Matte lip, along with an eyeshadow and blusher (more to come on them in future blog posts!). The shades I was drawn to was 'Trap' from the Ultra Matte range, and 'Marshmallow' from the Ultra Satin range. 'Trap' is a beautiful grey toned pink shade, perfect for autumn/winter and a really unique colour that would be difficult to dupe. 'Marshmallow' is another unique shade - a cool toned lilac/purple shade, darker than the MUA one I posted about last month, but still nowhere near a darker berry purple shade. 
I've worn both of these shades in looks on my Instagram, so click to see Trap and Marshmallow. As you can see, Trap looks much darker on me than it looks in the tube, but I actually love that as it just makes the colour even more unique for me. 
In terms of the formula, I have been pleasantly surprised. The Ultra Matte definitely is completely matte, and although I do find it more drying than my Dose of Colors or Lipland liquid lips, it isn't uncomfortable and it is definitely long wearing. I also like that it doesn't cling or dry weirdly in any lines or drier areas - although I always recommend exfoliating and using plenty of balm when you use liquid lipsticks. The Ultra Satin is a lovely formula, and a nice change from a matte lipstick. It still has all the opacity and pigmentation of the matte formula, but dries with a slight sheen to it. It doesn't feel drying at all, although the only thing I would say is it feels slightly thicker on the lips than the matte formula. I love the colour though, and I've had so many compliments on it!
Have you tried anything from Colourpop? Let me know in the comments. 
Quick Colourpop US to UK review: Delivery probably took around 10 days, and it was free over $50 as they specified in the offer. However, I was hit with a pretty hefty customs fee, as anything over $15 is now being charged apparently. I kind of saw this as paying for the delivery, but I wouldn't recommend paying for delivery and then customs as you'll probably pay twice for the products! They are lovely products, but I'd definitely be wary of ordering to the UK again. 


Wednesday, 9 November 2016

MAC 'Club' Eyeshadow | Review & Makeup Look

I cannot quite believe how long this post has been sitting in my drafts for - I suppose I was waiting for the right makeup look to upload for this review! I got Club eyeshadow from MAC  probably about a year ago, and what I love about this one is just how unique the colour is. It's a beautiful duo chrome (satin finish) red-brown shade with a olive green pearl in it. I find it's one of those colours that looks different on everyone, so definitely worth swatching it in store if you get the chance! I bought it when Carli Bybel used it in a tutorial ages ago, and it definitely looks more green on her pictures than on me. It's definitely a colour that would look especially beautiful on brown eyes. 
As with all MAC shadows, this one doesn't disappoint in terms of pigmentation and I never have any problems with blending or fall out when it comes to MAC either. This one I find I do have to build up a little bit to pack it on the lid, and I find it most beautiful layered with Kiko's 213 water shadow as they complement each other beautifully. In this look, I smoked it out with autumnal orange/red shades from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette.

Do you have MAC Club eyeshadow? What are your fave MAC shadows? Let me know in the comments!

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