Friday, 21 October 2016


Pretty much every beauty blogger is a sucker for a new MAC lipstick. In their new It's A Strike collection, I noticed they had included 'Honeylove'. This shade has been raved about by so many people (including my fave Lydia), that I just had to pick it up. It's a beautiful pink toned nude with a matte finish - definitely my kind of shade! You can see me wearing it here - and as you can see, it's a really gorgeous 'suits all' nude. 
What I love about MAC lipsticks is that you'll always know what to expect - with the matte finishes, I find that they aren't as matte as my liquid lipsticks, but offer a comfortable wear on the lips (if you do want something super matte, go for a Retro Matte finish). I know this one will be a firm favourite in my collection from now on, and I've now got my eye on some new lipliners from MAC to go with this one! 
Have you got any new MAC lipsticks recently? Let me know in the comments! 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Monochrome Peach | MOTD

I rarely do more simplistic eye looks, but after seeing Desi Perkins' peach look, inspired by Makeup By Ariel and Kylie Jenner, I just had to give it a try. It is a gorgeous soft look, especially for someone who doesn't want a really dramatic look, as it can work for day or night. The breakdown will be fairly simple, but I thought I'd share it anyway, especially as I use the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette which is coming back for the holidays! You can see my full review of that, along with swatches in this post.

- Primed with Illamasqua Hydraveil 
- NARS Sheer Glow foundation in 'Punjab'
- Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 20 under my eyes, chin, nose and forehead
- Clinique contour stick under my cheekbones, nose and forehead
- Set with Laura Mercier translucent powder
- MAC Give Me Sun MSF to bronze 
- NARS Orgasm blush
- I mixed Becca Champagne Pop with the yellow shade from the Sleek Solstice palette to highlight

- ABH Dip Brow and Brow Definer (both in Taupe) for my brows 
- I used Burnt Orange from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette as a transition shade
- I then used Candied Peach from the Sweet Peach palette in the crease and on the outer third of my lid
- I patted Just Peachy from the Sweet Peach palette over the lid then blended the peachy shades together to make sure there were no harsh lines
- I then added some mascara, and Lilly Lashes in 'Goddess'

For lips, I used MAC Soar lipliner, then my new Clinique liquid lipstick in Cake Pop - review coming soon!


Monday, 17 October 2016

My Custom Z Palette | ABH, MUG & MAC SHADOWS

Z Palettes have become so so popular in the beauty industry over the last couple of years. With the release of shadows and pans from brands like Make Up Geek, this empty palettes come in so handy for storage and to kind of customise your own palette. I filled my medium size Sephora Z palette after I got back from America, so I thought I'd talk through the shades. I like to think of this as a kind of go-to easy warm toned palette, that I can easily get looks for day to night from. Now, let's start with the swatches of each of the shades below...

As you will see, this palette is made up of MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Make Up Geek shades. The top row is more pink toned shades: Expensive Pink and Coppering from MAC, and Blazing and Sangria from ABH. As a copper eyeshadow lover, Coppering is perfect for me, whilst Sangria is great for a cranberry/purple autumnal smoky eye. I saw Amy (from Amy's Makeup Box) using Blazing a lot, so I knew I had to add it to my collection. It's a really unusual colour, a brown toned brick red shade that is super pigmented. I definitely need to use this more as I haven't tried it too much yet! Expensive Pink is my least used shade on this row so far, but it's a beautiful pink with gold flecks, and I imagine this would look beautiful as a soft everyday look. 
The second row is my light mattes and my favourite foiled shadow - Make Up Geek's 'Grandstand'. If you have one foiled eyeshadow in your collection, it really must be this one! It is so pigmented and buttery - perfect for applying with a wet brush or your finger. It makes every look I use it in that bit more special and the colour - a coppery rose gold - is so universally flattering. Alongside that I have ABH Dusty Rose - a gorgeous matte lilac shade (I used it with Sangria here). Then my two light transition shades from Make Up Geek - Peach Smoothie and Frappe. Peach Smoothie is fantastic for pale skin, as it's light so great for a transition shade, but still shows up on the skin. It's also a nice shade for setting an eyeshadow base. Frappe is a great slightly darker transition shade, as it's quite neutral (not veering towards warm toned or cool toned) so will work with most brown looks. 
And on my final row I have all my darker mattes. Firstly I have ABH Fawn which is probably the most talked about ABH shade in my mind - it's used in so many tutorial that I've seen and so I had to add it to my collection. It's a lovely warm mid-toned brown so great for darkening up the crease. Just like Blazing, I really need to give this a good go soon! I then have Make Up Geek Cocoa Bear which I use all the time to darken up the crease - it's a very warm toned brown. I then have Make Up Geek Desert Sands which is a unusual mustard yellow shade - I used it in this look, and this look. It's extremely yellow toned, but I think that makes it so original and such a fabulous transition shade for a colourful smoky eye. Definitely not a shade that everyone will love, but you'd be surprised how well it can be incorporated into loads of looks. And finally, I have Make Up Geek Americano, a well loved coffee dark brown shade with a purple undertone. This is amazing for smoky eyes, and I recently saw Keilidh use this all over the lid for a smoky eye and it looked gorgeous - definitely one to try out!
And that's in for my tour around my Z palette - no doubt the first of many! I do have a small Z palette that currently only has 3 shades in it, but once I add more I will be sure to do another post. You can get Make Up Geek shadows on Beauty Bay for only £5.50 each (and they have the most amazing range!). ABH shadows are currently still only available from the US for $12 each here and also at Sephora. And obviously, MAC shadows are extremely easy to get hold of (but they are the most expensive!) for £10 a pan here - but if you are off on a trip to the US, you can get the eyeshadow pans for only $6!
What are your favourite eyeshadows? Let me know in the comments!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Clinique Liquid Lipsticks | REVIEW

I'm a sucker for a new lip colour. When I saw Lydia's lip colour in this video, I had bought it literally 5 minutes after watching the video, I was so obsessed. It was one of Clinique's new Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer - the shade is Cake Pop. It's a beautiful mauve pink, you can see it in this picture on the lips and you can see the swatch below:

You all know how much I love liquid lipsticks, and so the first thing I'll say about this one is that it does not dry matte. The formula is quite thick, and it continues to have a sheen to it throughout wear. The wear time is pretty good, and when you do have to reapply, it isn't difficult or look too thick, which a more matte liquid lip may do. 
In terms of ingredients, it contains avocado oil, which is a fantastic anti-ageing ingredient, and helps with moisturising - it can penetrate deeper into the skin than most other oils. This, along with the Vitamin E which is also a great moisturising ingredient, probably shows why it doesn't dry matte, and also why it is a better options for those with drier lips, or more mature skin as it won't accentuate lines or dryness, whilst still giving you the longevity of a liquid lipstick. It also contains Sunflower Oil, which is also fantastic for moisturising, as it is naturally emollient and therefore helps with moisture retention. Again, it is also great for anti-ageing. It also has a built in primer which should also help with the longevity of the lip colour. 
Overall, I do absolutely love this lip colour. It's a very thick formula, and it doesn't dry matte, but it's definitely something I'll be wearing a lot (especially when I need a break from super drying matte lips!). 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Classic Bronze Glitter | MOTD

A couple of weeks ago, I was out celebrating mine and my bf's anniversary. I wanted to do a really classic look for me which is a bronze glittery eye with a super nude lip and plenty of glow! The lighting really was a struggle at the hotel, but I tried my best to get some good pictures so hopefully you can see the makeup well enough here. I will do my breakdown below, and have put a * next to each item I have a full review of - so if you'd like to know more I have full reviews for you to check out! If you're ever unsure, just check out my Review Directory
- Illamasqua Hydraveil* to prime
- Cover FX 'Celestial' enhancer drops all over my skin as a glowy base
- NARS Sheer Glow foundation* in 'Punjab' 
- Clinique Contour stick* under my cheekbones, around my forehead and the sides of my nose
- Maybelline Fit Me concealer* under my eyes, down my nose, forehead and chin
- I also added MAC Prep + Prime in 'Light Boost' under my eyes for extra brightening
- I set my T-zone and under my eyes with Laura Mercier translucent powder
- I bronzed with MAC 'Give Me Sun' MSF*, Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow*, and then contoured with Kat Von D's Shade & Light palette* (I usually use the middle contour shade)
- Colourpop's blush in 'Aphrodisiac' on my cheeks
- A mix of Champagne Pop* & Prosecco Pop* from Becca's Jaclyn Hill collection to highlight my cheekbones, tip of the nose and cupid's bow

- For my brows, I just used my ABH Dip Brow* in Taupe to achieve a softer brow look today
- Primed my eyes with Urban Decay primer potion in Eden
- Cleaned up under my brows with Benefit's Bo-oing concealer then set primer and concealer with Laura Mercier translucent powder
- Used ABH Morocco shadow (from Shadow Couture palette) as a transition shade and really blended it quite far out as I wanted a super smoky effect
- I then added Laura Mercier 'Copper' Caviar stick* onto the inner half of the lid and blended it with my finger
- On top of the cream stick shadow, I pressed L'Oreal's Amber Rush shadow over with my finger to get a super glittery effect and ensure the pigment was strong enough
- I then blended ABH Fudge shadow onto the outer half of the lid and in the crease to darken it up, then added ABH Noir right towards the lashline, and in a C shape on my outer lid
- I coated my lashes with mascara then added my Ardell Demi Wispies which I customised with individual lashes to make them longer and fuller
- I used Morocco and Fudge on my lower lashline, then added the Laura Mercier shadow stick into my waterline
- To highlight under my brow bone and in my tear duct, I used MAC's Vanilla pigment

On my lips I used MAC's Soar lipliner* then Charlotte Tilbury's 'Kim KW' lipstick. 

Monday, 10 October 2016

Milani Conceal & Perfect Foundation | REVIEW

I'm rarely one to stray away from my favourite NARS Sheer Glow foundation, but after hearing so much about the Milani Conceal + Perfect foundation (especially from the incredible Tati), I had to pick it up when I was in the US. I actually think Milani is more readily available now from Beauty Bay, so us UK beauty lovers can pick it up! You can get this foundation for £10 here
First of all, one issue with this foundation is the shade range. I have the lightest shade, and it is still too dark for me without any fake tan on. It is very yellow toned, which generally I prefer, but it really doesn't look right when I don't have a tan. The shade matching may be a bit of an issue as it's only really available online too, so definitely do your research. If you're around my skin tone then this shade 01 should be fine. That's my main gripe with it, but on the other hand, it does offer a range of darker shades which is great as I know it can be quite difficult to find darker shades in drugstore foundations. 
The coverage of this foundation really is very full coverage. If you're not used to having a lot of makeup on, this really won't be for you, but I have to say I love it. It does claim to be a 2-in-1 foundation and concealer, but generally I like to use a lighter shade of concealer, so I do still use it to highlight, but I don't really need any other concealing. 
The finish is fairly matte, and I find the longevity is pretty good - I do prefer to use a primer along with my foundations anyway, but it wears really nicely, and doesn't go shiny or patchy throughout the day. And for £10, it's definitely worth giving a go if you can find a shade for you!
Have you tried this foundation - or anything from Milani? Let me know in the comments.

Friday, 7 October 2016

The Best UK Drugstore Liquid Lipsticks!

If you've read my blog for a while (or follow me on Instagram), you'll know I'm a bit obsessed with liquid lipsticks. Matte lips have been one of my favourite makeup trends for so long now, and I'm always looking to try out new formulas. When I picked up one of the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers in January, I never expected to love them as much as I did! I got the shade Tranquility, and it's the most beautiful deep peach shade. These liquid lipsticks are such a bargain at only £3, and I was so surprised with the amazing longevity of them. I wore Tranquility for the first time on a trip to Barcelona, and I wore it from home, on the plane, and to the hotel without re-applying and it stayed on perfectly! Pretty impressive as far as lip colours go. They don't dry out my lips too much, and don't crack on the lips at all - I do always recommend making sure your lips are exfoliated and hydrated before using any liquid lipsticks anyway. Plus the formula is super opaque, so you really only need one swipe to get a good colour. 
I just picked up 2 more shades: Unity and Harmony, so I thought I'd swatch them, along with Tranquility so you can see how beautiful the shades are. I also think the colours are so unique for a drugstore lip, especially Unity (a gorgeous grey toned lilac). 

As you can see, the shades are beautiful, and they also have a range of darker and bolder shades if they're more up your street! One thing I will mention is the scent is quite strong - it smells quite fresh and floral, which personally I don't mind, but some people may dislike it. I find it does go away after you've applied it though, so I wouldn't let it put you off! Plus, for £3, you can't really go wrong!

Have you tried these liquid lipsticks? What are your favourite budget liquid lipsticks? Let me know in the comments!
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