Thursday, 28 March 2013

Time for a change...

Hi everyone and welcome to the new & improved CTHRNSYR! I decided to move over to Blogger because there's so much more you can do on Blogger and there is the benefit of GFC. For any new readers, I am a fashion and beauty blogger from the UK and I have had my Wordpress blog for 5 months. After getting a feel for the blogger community, I decided now would be the best time to move my blog before I got any more followers or readers.
Find me:

I hope you enjoy reading my blog & let me know what you think! Lots of love,




  1. I am your first follower hun, looking forward to reading your posts!

    Now following you on GFC and would be great to get a follow back, if you would like to follow each other? :)

    Be great if you could check out my latest NOTD post: Ombre Nails by Nail and Beauty, Park Lane, Cheshire

    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

    1. Ahh thankyou so much hun! I'm actually already following you on GFC, love your blog! Thanks so much :)xx


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