Saturday, 29 June 2013

Inspiration #1

Here are some of my recent 'liked' posts on my tumblr. I love looking through tumblr for inspiration and ideas because I always find new, gorgeous pictures that I wouldn't find anywhere else! Sometimes I'll see a picture and want to copy the makeup look or wear something similar, so I think it's one of the best sites for general inspiration. I've had mine for over 2 years now so click here and you can scroll through - there's plenty to see! I think it's so important to take inspiration from the world around you, and now you can do so with the help of your laptop!

I loved this hair colour - if only I was brave enough to do it myself! Also love the jewellery, although I'm much more a gold jewellery person.

Neeeed a cute polka dot shift dress like this! Love the simple tan accessories with it too for a simple daytime look.

I have to include a picture of Candice somewhere! The makeup look here is just gorgeous - so natural and perfect for summer.

Catherine x
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