Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Holiday Shop | Primark Haul!

Earlier this week, I went on a big Primark holiday shop. I find Primark the best place to go for cheap holiday buys and you can really stock up on summery bits and bobs without it costing the earth. I also got some good travel bits that I would recommend that everyone gets if they're going on holiday as it saves so much space! So grab a cup of tea and I hope you enjoy.

T shirts are staples in pretty much everyone's wardrobes as they can be worn with pretty much anything. So, after browsing the whole 'basics' section, I went for this pretty green 'boyfriend' tee as I like the loose fit and I really liked the colour - not too bright, but not too pastel-y. Then, I got this adorable My Little Pony crop tee because I was such a big fan of My Little Pony when I was little and this is my way to dip my toe into the retro 90s trend. 

After seeing a pretty mint skater dress and being disappointed that my size was sold out, I came across this super summery aztec dress. I really liked the loose fit again as it will be so easy to throw on for a day trip or dressed up for the night time. I also think I'll be able to wear it in autumn with thick tights and a jacket. And for £13, I couldn't say no! I also picked up this glamorous black and white kaftan with little sparkles around the neckline. It occurred to me that I didn't really have anything to throw over my bikini at lunchtime or on the beach and this has such a lovely shape to it and I loved the floral pattern.

I always find that Primark have some lovely statement necklaces from time to time. I got this gorgeous champagne and gold coloured necklace (I can't remember the price sorry!) which is such a gorgeous style for summer and I think it will jazz up simple dresses for night-time on holiday.

Accessories-wise, I picked up a set of the 3 face cloths for £1.50 after seeing some of my favourite bloggers raving about how amazing quality they are for just £1.50! I used mine a couple of times now and on first impressions they seem super thick and very good quality so it won't be long till I'm back in Primark stocking up again! Then I got these jelly flip flops. I'm not a big fan of the chunky jelly sandals so this is my nod to the trend. Then I got some basic hair grips and three decanting sets. After watching Anna's Beauty Packing videos multiple times now, I thought I should stock up on some decanting sets to cut down the size of my toiletries bag and to save myself from wasting product. And that's everything! I'm always intrigued to read Primark Haul posts as Primark doesn't have an online shop so these are the best way to see what's instore at the moment, so I hope you enjoyed!

Catherine x



  1. Great necklace! I love a good Primark haul!

    1. Thankyou! Me too, I love seeing what people have been buying :)x

  2. Oo I love the aztec dress! The print is like no other I've seen and the colours are really interesting, great buy! :) x

    1. Thankyou! I agree, it's such a unique print :)x

  3. That is such a nice necklace!and I love the my little pony top!:-)

  4. Great haul, love the boyfriend tee and the jelly flip flops :) xxxfrecklesandflawsbeautyblog


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