Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Slogan Sweat

As soon as I saw this Barbie pink sweat in Topshop yesterday, it had to be mine. I love the text, all places on my bucket list - 2/4 completed so far! My absolute favourite thing about this is how unbelievably soft it is, as soon as I felt it, I grabbed it straight off the rail! I think this is the perfect Sunday sweatshirt to pair with some jeans and Converse. Alternatively, it could help to dress down a more formal outfit, making it super versatile! Plus, the colour is right up my street, I've been buying more monochrome things recently, but I loved the pink of this - not too baby pink that it washes me out, but not too fuchsia either. 

Topshop Slogan Sweat, £24



  1. I've seen this in Topshop it's so nice! Love the colour

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  2. This is a lovely shade of pink, the closest topshop to me is in an outfit though so it's quite small and I've never seen this in there. I'll have to take a look online!

    S xo.


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