Sunday, 6 April 2014

The De-potted MAC Palette

Having made my first MAC quad almost a year ago for my birthday, I've slowly been building up enough shadows to make a second. I think the palettes look so sleek and it makes it so easy to have a palette for different looks. I also love how easy it is to depot shadows from their single pots into palettes, as it only took me about half an hour (max) to make this palette.
I based this palette around 'Woodwinked'. It's probably my favourite eyeshadow ever (as you can probably tell by the pan) and I really wanted to create a palette with an entire look, making it easy for travel etc.
I started with 'Omega', a shade I got over a year ago now and it's been the only thing I've used on my eyebrows ever since! Honestly, if you struggle to find an eyebrow colour that looks too red/dark and you have blonde hair, give this a go. I think it would take a lot for me to ever stray from using this as it really is the perfect shade for me. You can see how it looks in my 'Make Up of the Day' posts here
Next up is the star of the show: Woodwinked. I first bought this when I saw Zoella wearing it in a few of her videos. At first, I actually wasn't keen on the shade, but I think that's because it looks better with a tan as opposed to my absolute palest. However, once I started using it again, it became a firm favourite, as the duo-chrome kind of finish means it's a perfect 'swipe on the lid and go' shade, and looks lovely in the summer with a slick of mascara. I cannot recommend this shade enough as it literally suits everyone and is such a good base colour for a more dramatic look. 
At the bottom left of my palette, we have my most recent purchase, 'Cork'. I went into MAC with no intention of buying anything but somehow I wound up asking one of the girls about shades that would look nice with 'Woodwinked'. She suggested 'Cork' and so minutes later, I was handing over my card! It looks absolutely lovely in the crease with 'Woodwinked' on the lid and this has been my go-to daytime look recently. 
Finally, we have the gorgeous 'Embark'. This actually featured in my other MAC palette (post here), but I swapped it around and now 'Honey Lust' resides in my other palette. 'Embark' is a beautiful dark reddish brown, and combining Woodwinked, Cork and Embark makes for the perfect night time look, just what I wanted from this palette!
What do you think of my palette? Have you ever tried any of these shades? Let me know below!

MAC Eyeshadow, £10 (pro palette refill)
MAC Pro Palette x 4, £6.50 


  1. Woodwinked is my favourite MAC eyeshadow as well! MAC are just make up gods!

  2. I haven't tried anything from MAC but all of their eyeshadows look gorgeous. Such a lovely palette you've built up, I especially like the look of Woodwinked! x

    Kathryn | effievanity
    (hope you can enter my spring palette giveaway!)


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