Friday, 4 July 2014

ASOS Swimwear Picks

As my holiday comes closer and closer, I've been stocking up on swimwear, and ASOS has been my first port of call. I've picked 5 of my favourite pieces that I have my eye on (including some fab sale buys!) and are likely to be making their way into my basket within the next two weeks. 
The Swimsuit - After many hours spent browsing the sale, I stumbled upon this candy pink swimsuit. After only owning a black swimsuit purchased last minute last year, I knew I needed to get a nicer one this year. I love the horizontal and vertical stripes as it really slims you down and the pink stripe on the waist breaks up the pattern nicely and accentuates your waist. This is the only one of the five I have actually purchased so far and I love it! (They also stock it in black here)
The Itsy-Bitsy Bikini - This is such a different pattern to anything I would usually wear but I absolutely love the colours in it, the royal blue mixed with white and orange would accentuate a tan and would definitely be an eye catcher around the pool! It's in the sale (although it's still not cheap) but would be perfect for a pool party in Ibiza. 
The Girly One - Do you see a pattern emerging here? I spotted this By Caprice bikini a while ago and now it's in the sale, it's going to be difficult to say no! I think the frills on the hips and bust would be great for creating curves, whilst the stripes still slim you down. 
The Embellished One - I tracked this one down after seeing it on the lovely Sarah Ashcroft's Instagram a couple of days ago. I love the high waisted style of bikinis as they really suit my hourglass figure as they accentuate your waist. The pastel colours in this are absolutely perfect for summer too and the embellishment is unlike anything I've seen elsewhere! The longline style of bikini top is gorgeous too and I always find it super comfortable. Also on this style, you can choose the size by your bra size, which makes such you have the correct fit!
The Beach Cover Up - I love that ASOS stock River Island (student discount - yay!) and this pastel pink lace playsuit is waiting in my 'Saved Items' until payday! I love the lace detailing on it and I think it will be perfect for layering over bikinis and wearing with sandals for sightseeing. The colour and floral pattern is right up my street! 
I've tried to cater for everyone with prices ranging from £12 to £44 so I hope you find something you love! Let me know in the comments if you've found any gorgeous ASOS swimwear items too. 

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