Thursday, 30 October 2014

Instagram Catch Up #3

It's been a while since I did an Instagram Catch Up post so I thought I'd do another one, also just to mention that my Instagram name has changed along with my URL so you can now find me @cocoamay_ ! 
#1 - This was a Makeup of the Day from a night out a couple of weeks ago. I used my favourite Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette on my eyes, and my holy grail Urban Decay 'Streak' lipstick.
#2 - A nod to the 90s lip trend. I have had MAC Velvet Teddy knocking around in my collection for ages now so I escaped the rush at MAC for the now-cult lipstick. It's a matte finish so to add some gloss I've been using the Tanya Burr gloss in Afternoon Tea.
#3 - This is another Makeup of the Day for uni the other week. I don't have much time in the morning so I find using a bold lipstick makes it look like I've made much more effort! This one is Revlon's Lacquer Balm in Provocateur. I also wore my new Primark blue faux leather jacket - it's so similar to one Zara did a few months ago that I missed out on!
#4 - My new blog layout - I hope you're all liking it! My old one was really getting me down as I wasn't happy with it, and it was just making me demotivated to blog. So, after reading some recommendations, I bought a template from Designer Blogs and I love it! 
#5 - On a recent trip into Lush, I picked up the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. I love Lush for the Autumn and Winter and this is one I've never tried so I can't wait to use it! It smells absolutely gorgeous too, definitely one to pick up if you like sweet scents.
#6 - A third Makeup of the Day (definitely check out my Instagram if you like more frequent Makeup of the Days!), although this was a throwback from last month. If I ever need to get ready for a night out quickly, I throw on a bold lipstick (as I mentioned above!), so I applied some half lashes and my trusty Rebel lipstick. I might post the outfit as it was inspired by the purple tones in it, so look out for that! 

Comment below with your Instagrams - I'm always looking for new ones to follow!

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