Monday, 6 April 2015

ASOS S/S Wishlist

I've been slightly obsessed with ASOS recently. With my 'saved items' basket filling up rapidly, I thought I'd share a little wish list post to show the items I've been lusting over for S/S. I have already made a couple of orders, so I may show those items in a separate post, but for now here's what I'm loving:
  1. Yellow Floral Halter Neck Beach Dress, £22 - I don't care if it's still under 10c in the UK right now and my winter coats are yet to be put away, I'm already thinking of summer clothes! This would be absolutely perfect for my summer holidays later this year, and for only £22 (plus student discount!), this is reasonably priced too.
  2. Dune Jolene Leather Cross Strap Slider Sandals, £49 - I spotted these on a recent InTheFrow video, and thought they'd - again - be perfect for summer. I never got into the 'slider' trend last year, but it looks like they're back again so it might be time to invest.
  3. ASOS SALON Bardot Dress in Organza Floral, £85 - God, I really wish I had an occasion to wear a beautiful dress like this to. This would be perfect for a spring/summer wedding or fancy occasion, and it's less than £100! So stunning and I love the sheer panels. 
  4. ASOS Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans, £35 - Last year, I had a major obsession with Mom jeans, and I've realised I definitely need to get back into wearing them this year. They look fab dressed up or down, and the shape of them really suits me. Again, I saw this in a recent InTheFrow video, and loved the ripped knees and acid wash type colour. They're slightly cheaper than Topshop's Mom Jeans, so I'd be interested to see how they compare.
  5. ASOS Sleeveless Deep V Neck Blouse, £22 - I think this would be so perfect for spring/summer with a pair of jeans and a nice chunky necklace. I love the neckline of this, as I find a lot of shirt collars don't suit me, so the soft neckline of this is great. It also looks really light and loose, so is perfect for an afternoon in the sun.
  6. ASOS 'Yoga Now, Wine Later' Sweatshirt, £25 - I spotted this on Sammi's Instagram and thought it was so cute, so into my 'saved items' it went! It goes out of stock pretty quickly, but I've spotted they also have a t-shirt version which would be a great workout top!
  7. ASOS 'Rosie' Lingerie Set, £22 - ASOS are really fantastic when it comes to lingerie, and this set is stunning for only £22! I love the strappy detailing on the knickers and the lace looks gorgeous. 
  8. ASOS The V Neck T-Shirt, £10 - I've recently realised I need to stock up on basic tees for summer! I have a lot of black t shirts, but this white one caught my eye as I don't own many V-necks and I can imagine it looking nice with the Mom jeans or dungarees in summer. I know it's a basic, but this looks really nice fabric and is an alternative to the cheaper (but maybe not as nice!) options.
So, I hope you liked my little wish list! Let me know in the comments what you've been loving from ASOS - as if I need to add to my saved items!


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